What is the Best Vegan Supergreens Powder?

vegan supergreens powder

Supergreens are by nature usually vegan, but that doesn’t mean they’re optimised for vegans. In this piece we’re going to explore what we might look for in a vegan super green powder, and why Phytality has worked carefully to solve the problem.

What is a Vegan Supergreens Powder?

Vegan supergreens means that the superfood powder has been carefully engineered to meet the nutritional needs of a vegan audience.

It contains the goodness of green superfoods such as wheatgrass, barley grass and spirulina but, in addition, the product includes omegas, which represent one of the core nutritional challenges of herbivores.

In nature, one plant stands head and shoulders above any other when it comes to offering a source of vegan omegas, and that is marine phytoplankton.

This single-celled plant is not only responsible for putting more oxygen into our atmosphere than the forests, it also puts some of its energy into fat for storage. This can mean 60% of its dry weight is made up of healthy fats!

This is why Phytality’s phytoplankton supergreens can be considered the only vegan-optimised supergreens powder currently available.

Phytoplankton is the Best Vegan Supergreens

Let’s go a little deeper into what makes phytoplankton the best vegan supergreens.

We all know the amazing health benefits of omega fatty-acids and for previous generations the dietary supplementation of cod liver oil offered tangible benefits. For vegans however, the sources of omega are harder to find. Certainly we can find benefits by ingesting linseeds (flax) or chia but in these cases you’re getting alpha-linolenic acid which the body has to convert to the more beneficial Omega 3. And as several studies demonstrate, the body simply isn’t that good at doing this. So even if you eat a huge amount of chia or linseeds, you will end up converting perhaps 5% of that to what you actually need.

Enter phytoplankton which conveniently delivers the short-chain omega’s directly to the body in a form that is 100% vegan and extremely bioavailable.

It also helps that it comes from a 100% pure source outside our contaminated oceans where there are no concerns about heavy metals or pollution.

We think phytoplankton may become one of the most important foods of the 21st century, it's that powerful!

What Else is in Our Supergeens ?

As well as wheatgrass, barely grass, spirulina and our Ultana multistrain phytoplankton powder, we've added some fermented chlorella, some ashwagandha root for it's broadly adatogenic properties and then some probiotics. We've tried to make a one-shot powder that takes care of as many of your daily nutritional needs as possible.

Oh and don't forget the deliciousness of our natural pineapple flavour which even the most hardened anti-greens haters have to admit makes the whole thing taste very pleasant.

At around £1.60 per day, it's also approximately half the price of a competitor like Athletic Greens. 

See Phytality Vegan Supergreens powder in the shop.



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