Scientists have discovered that close to 90% of the Earth’s oxygen is created by Phytoplankton, which allows our planet to sustain all plant and animal life. Most of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is absorbed by phytoplankton, keeping our ecosystem balanced and the planet healthy.

With excellent photosynthetic properties, phytoplankton is 3 times more efficient than other plants in using light. They contain 400 times more energy than any other plant. The Earth’s phytoplankton store 63 billion kilowatts of power, according to an article published in the Yale Journey of Marine Research.

Phytoplankton are consumed by hundreds of species of krill, which in turn feed many other fish populations, making Phytoplankton the base of the marine food chain. The great blue whale is the largest and longest living mammal of the ocean and use krill as their primary food source.

The ULTANA Phytoplankton product isn’t harvested from the sea but is grown in state-of-the-art controlled facilities. Thanks to having an alternative way to harvest the phytoplankton and not sourcing it from the sea, we are not competing with marine life for their key source of food.

Each time we choose ULTANA Phytoplankton instead of fish for our Omega-3 EPAs and nutrition, we are helping to combat overfishing of our seas and supporting the regeneration of the ocean!

Not only does phytoplankton boost your nutrition, they are also nature’s energy source for sustaining our precious planet, Mother Earth!