ULTANA Phytoplankton strains are grown in Europe to the highest food standards. Each of our individual phytoplankton strain types are grown in controlled production environments. This allows for high purity and consistent premium quality for each of the phytoplankton strains we cultivate.

With many years of experience in research and development in both technology and marine biology, we have the ability to produce some of the world’s highest quality, nutrient-rich phytoplankton strains with a high scale of production..

Safety and product consistency are our number 1 priorities. That’s why we develop our phytoplankton in a controlled environment which is a substantial improvement over both ‘open pond’ and ‘wild harvested’ methods of phytoplankton production and harvesting.

Due to the unique way we cultivate and dry our phytoplankton, we provide a powder finish product which has a mild taste and smell compared to other phytoplankton products on the market. This powder form allows it to be consumed more easily either in smoothies or other food recipes. Enjoy our ULTANA Phytoplankton without the strong smell or taste of other plankton products!