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CLEAN OMEGA-3 Vegan DHA Capsules

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CLEAN OMEGA-3 Vegan DHA is a completely pure & sustainably produced 'non-fishy' vegan DHA capsule.


Our Plant-Based DHA supplement is extracted from a 'natural, unmodified' wild strain of micro-algae called Schizochytrium sp and grown in a controlled environment, utilising a natural fermentation process.

Each capsule offers 250mg of DHA, making it an ideal way to get clean, pure, vegan DHA.

Clean Omega-3 offers:


Where Does our Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) Supplement Come from?

 Our primary focus since 2010 has been developing an effective 'solvent-free and clean process' of extracting Omega-3 lipids from microalgae.

Our team researched and applied several different processes and techniques before coming up with a unique process of 'water & mechanical extraction technique.’

We believe our vegan DHA supplement, Clean Omega, represents the purest omega-3 supplement on the market. It is absolutely solvent-free and rigorously tested for purity.

No nasty solvents or hexane are used in the extraction of our oils.

We use a clean, state-of-the-art purification process, which provides a double winterized oil.

The Schizochytrium strain we use is a wild heirloom strain isolated from a mangrove waterway on a pristine natural island.

Care and attention, traceability, and a whole-hearted love of natural nutrition go into every stage of the process, as we aim to encapsulate the purest veggie DHA supplement available anywhere.

Clean Omega-3 DHA Capsules vs Other Algae Oils 

  • Clearer, cleaner colour
  • The difference is our unique 2- step purification process, which gives a double winterized oil of ‘Ultra High Purity’
  • Due to our unique purification process, our Clean Omega-3 product does not give the embarrassing after-burp experience that many algae and fish oil products give consumers.

Why did we Add Clean Omega-3 Vegan DHA oil to the Phytality Range?

Phytality decided it should launch Clean Omega-3 to fill the gap in the market for Vegan DHA oil & to complement our ULTANA Phytoplankton product.

Our ULTANA Phytoplankton boasts a complex Omega 3-6-7-9 with a good EPA content (equivalent to 186mg of triglyceride EPA per 1 serve) but is low in DHA content.

Many customers wanted to use ULTANA Phytoplankton ( EPA & wholefood multi) but kept asking us to recommend a clean DHA oil.

As such, Clean Omega was born!

Recommended Dosage of Clean Omega 'Non-Fishy' DHA Capsules

Standard, 2x 500mg capsules (1000mg)

Optional for new users: Increased dosage of 4x 500mg capsules (2000mg) over an initial 3-month period. After this, switch to the standard dosage of 2x 500mg capsules.

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